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British Nordic Walking launches new Challenge Series

Nordic Walking Racing Ahead! 

Sunday saw the first ever dedicated Nordic Walking Race in Britain.

Some 80 people competed in this off-road course in Ashton Court Bristol, Nordic walking either a 5 Km, 10 Km or 20Km distance. Competitors travelled from all over the UK, from as far afield as Blackpool and from Nottingham, the Isle of White, London, Cardiff, and many other places. Men and Women took part of all ages, from age 20 to 76.

The race was run under the International Nordic Walking Federation competition rules (INWA) and was organised by British Nordic Walking. Paul Stevenson, Vice President of INWA, said “British Nordic Walking have been working with INWA over the last couple of years to develop Nordic Walking into a competitive sport in the UK. Many INWA member countries run successful race programmes that in turn help to increase participation in Nordic Walking as a leisure activity and a great way to stay healthy. The British Nordic Walking Challenge Series is the perfect platform for people who want to compete but also for those people who want a personal fitness or health challenge”.

Exel poles in the Uk were one of the event sponsors, Karen Ingram said, "We are delighted to support the start of Nordic walking racing in the UK.

Nordic Walking is rapidly growing in popularity in the UK. Walking with specially designed poles activates all the upper body muscles as you walk, raising the heart rate and burning up to 46% more calories than walking without poles. Most UK cities now have classes and groups that people can join to both learn the technique and participate socially. You can find instructors, groups and classes by visiting

The stunning setting of Ashton Court in Bristol was the perfect backdrop for this first Nordic Walking race. Karen Ingram, of British Nordic Walking said, “We were delighted by the whole day. So many people took part and there was a great buzz. It’s exciting for the future of Nordic Walking across Britain, we hope to organise many more such events and get more and more people involved in Nordic Walking. The smiles on the competitors faces as they crossed the finish line said it all”

The results of the British Nordic Walking Challenge Series 2014 | Ashton Court | 13 July 2014

5Km Women's First Place: Lucy Cull | 44:10

5Km Men's First Place: James Smith | 48:31

10Km Women's First Place: Ewa Andrrzejewska | 1:16:48

10Km Men's First Place: Bart Piotrowicz | 1:11:43

20Km Women's First Place: Jointly held by Samantha Armstrong and Vicky Welsh | 2:41:24

20Km Men's First Place: Dave Robinson | 2:41:5

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