• Exel Poles UK is run by a small group of passionate Nordic walkers. We love to share our knowledge of Nordic walking and aim to bring together Nordic walkers from around the UK to share experiences, ideas, challenges and tips. Have you Nordic walked an epic route, or completed an endurance event... View Post
  • Motivation to Change

      The physical benefits of exercise are well reported and studied. We all know we *should* exercise for our health, and yet knowing this does not tend to motivate us to action in the long term. Other things all too easily take priority in our life and our own personal goals on health and fitne... View Post
  • Gameboy’s, Wii, Nintendo, Xbox. Those are the typical activities you would imagine having to engage in with young children these days. What you might not expect to see are families out Nordic Walking together, let along RACING together! But, that is exactly what we saw at our latest British Nord... View Post