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LEKI Traveller Carbon 2024

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Do you like to take your Nordic walking poles on holiday? Then the Traveller Carbon is the perfect choice.

The three-part pole is just 66cm long when folded and therefore fits in almost any suitcase or backpack. It features the new Nordic Shark, a perfect grip-strap technology designed for the Nordic disciplines.

With the new grip, you can enjoy precise guidance, control, and power transmission during your workouts, allowing you to train effectively. Thanks to the reliable Speed Lock 2 plus locking system, the pole can be set to the right length in a flash.


Pack size: 66cm
Weight: 191g
Segments diameter: 16|14|12mm
Handle: Nordic Shark
Loop: Shark Frame Strap Mesh
Tube Material: Carbon (PRC 1000)
Tube top: Carbon
Pipe middle part (1): Carbon
Tube lower part: Carbon
Adjustment system: Speed Lock 2 plus
Power grip pad