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LEKI Ultratrail FX.ONE

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The Ultratrail FX.One is the perfect pole for those of you who love to combine nordic walking with trail running.

Equipped with the new Trail Shark grip and newly designed air channels the weight has been reduced by 30 % compared to the familiar Shark system.

The Shark Frame Strap Mesh fits like a glove and transfers power directly to the center of the pole. The slim shape of the Shark mandrel allows the strap to be clicked in and off, even with eyes closed!

An additional nose on the grip and the grip extension provide further grip options. With a packing size of 36 cm and a weight of 182 g at a length of 120 cm, its ready to support you over every kilometer.

Activities: Nordic Walking & Trail Running
Age group: Adults
Gender: Unisex
Sizerun: 105 - 135 cm (5 cm steps)
Construction: Fixed length | Foldable
Useable Length: Fixed 105 - 135 cm (5 cm steps)
Pack size: 36 cm
Weight: 182 g
Segments: 4
Segments diameter: 16|14|14|14 mm
Grip system: Shark System
Grip: Trail Shark
Strap: Shark Frame Strap Mesh

105 cm S-M-L
110 cm S-M-L
115 cm S-M-L
120 cm M-L-XL
125 cm M-L-XL
130 cm M-L-XL
135 cm M-L-XL

Grip extension: 1K Foam
Shaft material: Carbon (HRC)
Shaft upper part: Carbon
Shaft middle part (1): Carbon
Shaft middle part (2): Carbon
Shaft lower part: Carbon
Folding system: Push-Button
Basket: Trail Running Basket
Tip: Trail Running Tip
Storage bag: Folding Pole Bag