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How do I know which length poles I need?

If you don’t have a pair of poles to try then use this simple calculation. Multiply your height in cms by 0.68 and round down to the nearest 5 cms. 


Does the All terrain Tip fit adjustable poles?

No, because of the twist lock mechanism on an adjustable pole the All terrain tip doesn’t work. The ATT only works when orientated in one direction and when you adjust the poles it realigns the tips, so they can end up pointing the wrong way!


Do the poles come as a pair

Yes, all poles and spare parts like tips and straps come in pairs.


Why does the carbon content of poles matter?

The percentage of carbon in a pole is what determines its performance and also the cost. The more carbon the lighter and stiffer the pole and the less vibration will travel up the shaft. Carbon is very light and is a natural dampener so it absorbs vibration. If you walk a lot on hard surfaces then buy a pole with as much carbon as you can afford. If you only ever walk on the beach, for example, then you won’t need a high carbon pole. If you are very tall or are going to train hard and push back strongly then also go for more carbon.


What is the difference between Nordic Walking poles and Trekking poles? 

Nordic Walking with a trekking pole is a bit like trying to play tennis with a badminton racket! The main difference is in the grip and strap. Nordic Walking poles are right and left hand specific and fit the hand a bit like a glove. This allows you to push back through the strap and let go of the pole grip. At the tip end, a Nordic walking pole is angled as is the asphalt paw, making sure you get lots of traction when walking on road with an angled pole.


How do I best store my poles?

Don’t keep them in your boot of the car all the time. Extremes of temperature and too much sunshine will degrade carbon over time. So take them indoors between walks. Keep them where they won’t get knocked or trodden on. Carbon is a glass and whilst strong it can break is mistreated. A pole bag is a good thing to have to store them in or a podium strap which stops them knocking together and protects them.


Can I wash the straps?

Yes by hand in warm soapy water. This is a great thing to do if you sweat a lot in the summer.


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