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GABEL Stretch Lite Carbon

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The Stretch Carbon poles are telescopic poles perfect for sharing Nordic walking poles. Due to their adjustable height feature, they are also recommended for beginners who are just starting with Nordic walking and have not yet decided on their final pole length.

Equipped with the Dual Cork grip,  for a comfortable hold, it features a portion of hypoallergenic real cork that, thanks to its processing and the characteristics of the bark from which it derives, minimizes hand sweating. The Dual Cork is characterized by the Nordic Click System (N.C.S), a patented Gabel quick-release technology. This system can be activated with a single-handed gesture. By pressing the button on the grip, the hand straps can be easily released. The tube consists of 2 sections, with the upper one made of F56 aluminum and the lower one made of carbon.

The combination of these materials results in lightweight poles with excellent rigidity. The composed shaft can be adjusted in height, and the parts can be securely fixed using the Top Performance Locking (T.P.L.) technology. The locking system utilizes the expansion of 2 shells that adhere to the inner walls of the tube, offering a pressure resistance capacity of up to 130 kg. The poles also feature Reflex adhesive, increasing visibility in case of training in inadequate lighting conditions. Finally, the Stretch Carbon poles have a special tungsten carbide tip, ensuring excellent grip on various types of terrain.

Indicated price is per pair