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Supporting the growing community of Nordic walkers

Exel Poles UK is run by a small group of passionate Nordic walkers. We love to share our knowledge of Nordic walking and aim to bring together Nordic walkers from around the UK to share experiences, ideas, challenges and tips. Have you Nordic walked an epic route, or completed an endurance event, are you part of a group of Nordic Walkers with a common goal or passion, are you an instructor with a great tip to share? Tell us your stories so we can share them with our growing family of Nordic Walkers.

If you would like to submit a post please ensure it is on the topic of Nordic walking and doesn't appear anywhere else on the internet. A shout out to Exel Poles UK will get you extra brownie points. The ideal length of the post should be between 500 to 850 words, with an engaging headline along with a few images.

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